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Item #ManufacturerConditionLocationModel No.Discharge Diameter (inches)Suction Diameter (inches)Case SizeCase MaterialHigh PressureGPMTDHImage
82014GOULDS0505-24-68373611.58DUCTILE IRONNo70244 Centerline Pump
81936CARVER0505-24-19CPK400Y2X1-1/21.52 DUCTILE IRONYes2362 Centerline Pump
78292INGERSOLL-RAND0541-05-0010X14X23ALC101423DUCTILE IRONYes5600155 Centerline Pump
78291INGERSOLL-RAND0541-05-0010X14X23ALC101423DUCTILE IRONYes5600155 Centerline Pump
78211KANSUI0510-11-001-RLW-P-711.57316SSNo   Centerline Pump
78132UNITED PUMP0642-19-00 81014DUCTILE IRONNo   Centerline Pump
78131CHESTERTON0642-20-02 3310DUCTILE IRONNo10090 Centerline Pump
78130GOULDS0542-19-003736M127CARBON STEELYes   Centerline Pump
78071GOULDS0542-20-03309S2310DUCTILE IRONYes   Centerline Pump
78070DEAN BROTHERS0542-20-0182821312DUCTILE IRONYes15125 Centerline Pump
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